Why my price summary is different than other users

Hi, I found out that my price summary is a bit different than others, I wonder if there is a way to adjust so that I can have better understanding what is the money that I am paying for.

Others price summary:

My price summary:

As far as I can tell, the first screenshot is showing the "create deployment" screen (with the pricing panel expanded to show prices for each tier".

The second screenshot is showing the "edit deployment" screen which has different layout and pricing breakdown (I don't know why those screens are so different, it's not an area I work on).

If you want a breakdown of charges for an existing deployment then your best option is to look at the billing screens.
In the top right of the screen there will be an avatar (probably a coloured circle with 1 or 2 letters in it) for your user. Click there and there should be a "Billing" menu option.
On the billing pages you can get a fairly detailed breakdown of how much each tier is costing.