Why my query cannot return any result althought the key exist in the message


This is my log sample

<log realm="channel/" at="2024-02-14T15:25:04.930" lifespan="383ms">
    <isomsg direction="incoming">
      <!-- com.middle.gateway.packager.ShetabISO87APackager -->
      <field id="0" value="0200"/>
      <field id="2" value="5859471025393012"/>
      <field id="3" value="000000"/>
      <field id="4" value="000000600000"/>
      <field id="6" value="000000600000"/>
      <field id="7" value="0214152504"/>
      <field id="10" value="00000001"/>
      <field id="11" value="030322"/>
      <field id="12" value="152503"/>
      <field id="13" value="0214"/>
      <field id="17" value="0214"/>
      <field id="18" value="5915"/>
      <field id="19" value="364"/>
      <field id="22" value="021"/>
      <field id="25" value="10"/>
      <field id="26" value="04"/>
      <field id="32" value="581672141"/>
      <field id="33" value="950001"/>
      <field id="35" value="585918D5F671D46D00ECB614D0A2571A4548"/>
      <field id="37" value="141010407675"/>
      <field id="41" value="01412547"/>
      <field id="42" value="000000003950073"/>
      <field id="43" value="AF91A4FDFFF5ACFEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF9FF3F9FFF5F2A4A28AA1FE91935448524952" type="binary"/>
      <field id="48" value="      00"/>
      <field id="49" value="364"/>
      <field id="51" value="364"/>
      <field id="52" value="A1C2FF8B0289C78D" type="binary"/>
      <field id="53" value="0202010202000000"/>
      <field id="60" value="00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"/>
      <field id="62" value="1400000002002011000000000050000N018000000          0032FC346054674088D28543E24A7F7837C600"/>
      <field id="64" value="F2B7F85600000000" type="binary"/>

According to follow pic "com.middle.gateway" is showing in the message

but when I am running query message: middle it does not return any result
. What is the issue ?

Hi @baber1223 , I guess this is for exact match.

Could you try with wildcard message: *middle* ?

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