Why new record only show last 3 days?

Becase last IT guy was fired, so i need manage kibana.:joy:
I'm kibana newbie and have a question about why only new record (setup by me) only show last 3days data log in kibana.
My case is

  1. Added new log path in filebeat and restart it.
  2. In kibana added new Index Patterns
  3. one week later, Kibana's discover only show last 3days record. (i checked table only last 3 days file)
  4. but old record setup by last IT guy has still show 7days!

What happen?
Anyone have suggest?



There's a time filter in the top right corner - is that set up to show a week? Alternatively discover only pulls down ~500 documents, sorted by timestamp initially so they may be getting cut off. That setting can be modified in the Advanced Settings page

Issue fixed!

thx a lot

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