Why no wadl for rest services?

I am curious why there is no wadl. I think the client api implementations are great, but sometimes reading a wadl is more convenient. I have been using Soap UI to do some development maintenance tasks, and it would be nice to be able to auto import everything rather than manually create these as I go.

So - anyone care to comment on why no wadl?


No particular reason really, just has never been a priority (or requested that much to be honest).

We have the REST-API-Spec, which is used by the various clients to stay current with ES API and parameters. You can find it inside the main ES repo.. It basically provides the same information as a WADL (I believe), but in JSON format. Note: it only covers the URI + parameters, the request body is not specified since it can be highly variable.

There is a community-contributed Swagger Plugin which can build a complete Swagger doc of the APIs, which some people find useful too.

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