Why one string field sometime not creating.keyword field

Hi Team,

I have one field with the name of "result". This field value is not constant. Sometimes this value is above 256 char. This field creating.keyword field for some values and for some values it is not creating. We are not using any index template.i am suspecting this is due to result field value is above 256 char(for these values field is not creating.keyword) is this correct? Could you please guide how to get.keyword field for result field for all values? If we get.keyword field for all values is there any impact on performance?


You need to adjust the mapping before the first document is sent. It could be by manually creating the index, using index templates...

What is the use case for this field? I mean what are you doing with this field and what is exactly the issue?

Hi David,
Thanks for responding.

Actually the above field we are using in dashboard creation.
The dashboard contains search type viz and data table type viz. When we observe document count in search type viz and data table viz it will be different. Because in data table we are using.keyword field so it will be different. But client requirement is matching all vizs document count.


I don't understand. Either provide a sample of the document or a Kibana screenshot.