Why only one REST wrapper exists and not nested?

Hello everyone,
Elasticsearch reports a error when I installed ranger elasticsearch plugin and restarted Elasticsearch:
"Cannot have more than one plugin implementing a REST wrapper".
Later, I found that there is a class named RangerElasticsearchPlugin in ranger elasticsearch plugin which implements org.elasticsearch.plugins.ActionPlugin, and in the elasticsearch.yml config file, xpack.security.enabled is true. This's what caused the above error.
So I changed the elasticsearch code in org.elasticsearch.action.ActionModule <init> method to make it work well:

for (ActionPlugin plugin : actionPlugins) {
UnaryOperator<RestHandler> newRestWrapper = plugin.getRestHandlerWrapper(threadPool.getThreadContext());
if (newRestWrapper != null) {
logger.debug("Using REST wrapper from plugin " + plugin.getClass().getName());
if (restWrapper != null) {
UnaryOperator<RestHandler> newRestWrapperReference = newRestWrapper;
UnaryOperator<RestHandler> restWrapperReference = restWrapper;
newRestWrapper = (handler) -> newRestWrapperReference.apply(restWrapperReference.apply(handler));
//  throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot have more than one plugin implementing a REST wrapper");
restWrapper = newRestWrapper;

Maybe my usage of ranger elasticsearch plugin is wrong, but I would like to know what the risks are if I change like this, or why only one REST wrapper existed instead of nesting it?


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