Why some field has '@' while others not?


in the this shttps://www.elastic.co/blog/how-to-centralize-logs-with-rsyslog-logstash-and-elasticsearch-on-ubuntu-14-04ample , the elastic doc stored as following:
"@timestamp" : "2015-11-18T18:45:00Z",
"@version" : "1",
"message" : "Your syslog message here",
"sysloghost" : "hostname.example.com",
"severity" : "info",
"facility" : "daemon",
"programname" : "my_program",
"procid" : "1234"
why some field, like and has a '@' sign prepend while others not ?
what is the logic behind it?
appreciate any help!

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I think it started in Logstash as a convention for meta fields.

There is no specific behavior in elasticsearch regarding those names.


appreciate the insight! Thank you.

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