Why strong rotation

In ClusterHealthResponse
int numberOfNodes = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int numberOfDataNodes = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int activeShards = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int relocatingShards = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int activePrimaryShards = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int initializingShards = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; int unassignedShards = (int) parsedObjects[i++]; double activeShardsPercent = (double) parsedObjects[i++];

I don't know Why strong rotation

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, when you post a small code snippet and a three word question. Please take some time to write up a proper issue, provide some context, your expectations and what does not match. Such a post is not helpful for most people reading it and will reduce your changes of a good answer.

Thank you!

I think int numberOfNodes = (int) parsedObjects[i++] do not need type cast,for example

int numberOfNodes = parsedObjects[i++]

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