Why the health of some indices are yellow?

I used the API "_cat/indices?v" to list all indices, and I noticed that the health status of some indices were yellow. I don't understand why the health status were yellow. Could anybody please explain this? Thanks.

bash-4.2# curl
health status index                             uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
yellow open   audit-wauiynwo5urarkptmbo5-201807 d6E9b6VoS1qlZ87LeTL0EQ   5   1        100            0    108.7kb        108.7kb
green  open   t-wauiynwo5urarkptmbo5-kibana     Yxaclh2DQ7KfE946gSLYqQ   1   0         28            1     36.7kb         36.7kb

Because you have only one node running in your cluster. So replication can not happen.
Start a new node or change the number of replicas for audit-wauiynwo5urarkptmbo5-201807.

BTW may be don't keep the default 5 shards for primaries if 1 shard is enough.

@dadoonet Thanks for the response.

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