Why the returned score is more than 100 , like , 113.445 ,115?

Hi, I am running a compound boolean match query against 100k rows and what I get as the score for the matched documents is between 0 to more than 100, like 113.494 or 111.8383 etc. Why the scoring is more than 100 and is not between 0 to 1 as percentage ? How do I know what the max is?

Appreciate your help and answer.

Check this chapter out - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/2.x/sorting.html

hi, Thanks for the reply. My problem is not sorting. I would like to know why and where the scoring more than 100 is coming from. If highest match document has the score of 114.54 then what is the end value (upper bound) for the score? Because I would like to say for example, give me all results which are more than 70% of accuracy.


It's not a percentage.
It's only used to sort the results.

Add explain parameter if you want to have the detail of the computation.

If you follow the link you'll see there's more than just sorting;

By default, results are returned sorted by relevance—with the most relevant docs first. Later in this chapter, we explain what we mean by relevance and how it is calculated, but let’s start by looking at the sort parameter and how to use it.

:slight_smile: I was over simplifying :wink:

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