Why was setPercolateFiler method removed form percolate request (Java Api)

I'm migrating form ElasticSearch 1.3 to 2.3.2 I see that Java API was changed for Percolate stuff. I used filter for percolated document like this:

New API doesn't have such method. Filter is not supported for percolator. I see only such stuff

Documentation says that we can use filter, but api doesn't have it.

What was the reason to remove filter from percolator?
Does query have the same performance as filter?

this is because filters and queries got merged in lucene 5.0. This change doesn't affect only the percolator, but the whole elasticsearch query DSL.

Where does the documentation say that you can use a filter? I think what we mean there is that you can still use filters, but you have to provide them as part of a bool query under the filter clause, plus filters and queries are really the same thing now (queries!), but whether they are cached and collect scores depends on where they are placed.

Have a look at this blog: https://www.elastic.co/blog/better-query-execution-coming-elasticsearch-2-0 .