Width and Height of Multi-View Displays in Vega-Lite to Resize Automatically in Dashboard

So I have created my vega-lite visualization (bar chart). It is mutli-view and all is working as should. But when I add the visualization to a dashboard its not longer re-sizable, I went through the code and the line that effects it is row{field: "whatever"}. How do you make multiview vega lite's resizable?

@nyuriks - can you please help here?


this @nyuriks guy is too helpful

Sorry, @nyuriks guy is a bit overwhelmed with all the Vega stuff :slight_smile:

@kilianten, could you post your Vega code? Ideally, follow https://gist.github.com/nyurik/736c34970ba3c32f3fe3d45d66719b3e so that I could see everything and give specific recommendations. There is also some details about sizing in https://github.com/nyurik/kibana-vega-vis#sizing-and-positioning

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