Wildcard datatype lowercase

I am looking at the Wildcard datatype introduced in 7.9.

I would like to normalize it first by lowercasing and removing whitespace. I can't work out the syntax.

"normalizer" and "analyzer" don't seem to be supported.

Hi Gethin,

Correct, they're not.
The ngram index wildcard field uses behind the scenes lower-cases already but the verification phase is currently case sensitive. A regex query can be made case insensitive using [Ff][Oo][Oo] type syntax (which many existing systems use today ). Before long we hope to add a case insensitive flag to queries which will allow you to search with a flag eg /Foo/i and this will produce the same accelerated query as the [Ff][Oo][Oo] syntax you have to use today. However, given people query across legacy indexes and new ones I expect we'll see [Ff][Oo][Oo] queries in use for some time to come as people query across old keyword field and new wildcard fields with one common search.

This would need to be removed as part of an ingest pipeline or could be ignored at query time using a suitable regex.

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