Wildcard doesn't work the same after elasticsearch upgrade

(Troy Anderson) #1

Hey there, when we tested our ES upgrade from 1.7 to 2.1 it seems our wildcard search behavior changed.

Eg, we used to automatically get wildcards like:

name: "John"

We could query: "joh" and it would work

After the upgrade, we have to do "john" or "jo*"

Is this an ES version thing, or something else we somehow broke???

(Another dev set this up)
a snippet

indexes :firstname, boost: 7, type: :string, index_analyzer: :autocomplete_analyzer, search_analyzer: :standard


      analyzer: {
        autocomplete_analyzer: {
          type: :custom,
          tokenizer: :standard,
          filter: ["standard", "lowercase", "autocomplete_filter"]

Any ideas??

(system) #2