WildCard in Exists API does not work as expected

Dear all,
I've tried the Exists API for indices and data-streams ( Exists API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.3] | Elastic).
If I understand it correction I can use wildcards in the target parameter. However, when using * the call always returns 200 OK, doesn't matter with which string i combine it.

Imagine we have a data-stream called "abc-logs-new".
When using the Exists API by sending a HEAD request to "localhost:9200/abc-logs-*" I get an 200 OK. This is fine.
Now I send a HEAD request to "localhost:9200/abc-def-*" and also get the answer 200 OK and not 404 NOT FOUND.
When removing the * from the request URL and using an absolute name, it works and I get a 200 OK for "localhost:9200/abc-logs-new" and a 404 NOT FOUND for "localhost:9200/abc-def-new".

Am I using it wrongly? Thanks for your help.

All the best,

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