Wildcard queries on multiple fields and filtering by score

I have an index like below:

For example user searchs "c 001", I look at search_all_fields and find it in two documents.
With WildCardQuery for all searching keywords " c " and " 001 "
But the second one is useless. Because the first one matches with search_item_no. This is more valuable. The second one matches with search_group_one field. This is less valuable. I must filter it.

But on the other hand, someone searchs "yyy 102", then it only takes place in search_group_one and search_group two field. So I must not filter it.

Going twice elastic side for scoring is expensive. But How can I achive this?

I asked this before. Filter Based On Average Score
I've added the scenarios and index structure.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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