WildCard Query by query_string


I have some fields indexed in ES as not analyzed , containing some URL's
like https://facebook.com , http://mail.yahoo.co.in

When i run wild card Queries on them , like
QueryBuilder wildCard=QueryBuilders.wildcardQuery("urls", "https://facebook.

etc, it returns results fine.

but when i use the queryString , eg - QueryBuilder string=QueryBuilders.

the search fails to return any results.
Also searching "https://*cebook.com" , and it was returning results fine.

So , i thought may be the query string is getting analyzed (although i
specified the field as not analyzed)
and tried by setting analyzeWildCard=true with the query string , but it
did not work , no result.

I also tried by changing the mapping , setting the field to analyzed , and
specifying the "index_analyzer" , and "search_analyzer" fields both with
"keyword" analyzer , but still it didn't work.

Please Help me out, where i am going wrong ?

How would the wildcard search work on the fields having URL data , through
query_string ?

Tarang Dawer

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