Wildcard query took 200 seconds with version 8.8 but only a few seconds with 6.3

We are migrating Elastic from 6.3 to 8,8. But the wildcard queries (in query string) are excessively slow in 8,8 as compared with 6.3. For example, for query "abcddcba*" that does not actually match anything, it takes 4 seconds on 6.3 but 200 seconds on 8.8. The index has 70M small records, 5 shards on a single box/standalone node, with 10G memory allocated. Both 6.3 and 8.8 run on the same box at the same time but queried one after another (in either direction).
While wildcard queries are expected to be slow, it shouldn't be this slow and how could it be 50-100 times slower on 8.8? The query is just a straight get query, q=abcddcba*.
Does Elasticsearch 8.8 handle wildcard queries in significantly different ways than 6.3?

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