Wildcard search not working

In Kibana, When i type "*.jpg", its return the values.

But this one is not working, shows empty result --> uripath:"*.jpg". I need to get this work. Since I need to match some patterns like domainname:"www.example.com" AND uripath:"*.jpg"

Please someone help

I'm using default analyzer and mappings is enabled for my index with default one.

And you're sure you have .jsp entries in your logs?

Sorry , typo mistake. its not a jsp , its s "jpg".

Yes, jpg files are present in my logs. Since When I simply type in search bar on kibana "*.jpg", it shows the values.

But When I parse the same on with field name like *uripath:"jpg" , its not working.

What version of Kibana are you using?

I have tested this and it appears to be functioning correctly.

Thanks for your kind reply.

I'm using latest version of kibana-4.5.0-1.

my full uripath will be like "/info/images/new.jpg".

When I run "*.jpg", its return the value. But uripath:"*.jpg" is not working.

Can you try without the double quotes around *.jpg, so like this: uripath:*.jpg (instead of uripath:"*.jpg")?