Will Elasticsearch APIs support gRPC in the near future


My team is exploring the use case of having Elasticsearch as a primary datastore for a microservices container based application architecture. As a part of our exploration we are using gRPC/Protobuf for the communication between the microservices. As we are very enthousiastic about the Elastic Stack, we were wondering if the Elasticsearch APIs will support gRPC in the near future?

No, there is no plan to support anything other than HTTP right now. What's wrong with HTTP?

Thank you, for your reply @DavidTurner.
Just to clarify, there's nothing wrong with HTTP. For two reasons the gRPC/HTTP2 would be interesting for us: first, it might open possibilities to connect to our datastore streamingly; second, we could use the same protocol in communicating with the datastore as between our microservices (more uniformity).

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