Will ES 6.3.0 BulkProcessor class be updated to use HLRC?

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I am attempting to migrate our java code to use ES version 6.3.0.

We are using the ES BulkProcessor class when we run complete rebuilds of our index.

I see that the public static BulkProcessor.Builder builder method of the BulkProcess class takes a org.elasticsearch.client. By any chance will this class be updated so that it will instead use the Java High Level REST Client since the ES version 6.3.0 is encouraging its users to move away from the TransportClient which is used to create a org.elasticsearch.client object?

Thank you

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There is a BulkProcessor for the rest client. WDYM?

See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/java-rest/current/java-rest-high-document-bulk.html#java-rest-high-document-bulk-processor

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Hello. Thank you for responding. Yes, we have the same code as what is in the ES document page you provided. What was throwing me off is the ujse of the "client.bulkAsync" code, indicating asynchronous execution, which we were not doing in the prior version. So I changed our code to now use the "client.bulkAsync" and it runs, however ES is throwing an exception which I will write up in a separate posting.
Thank you again sir.

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