Will Filebeat ever send my log file content to stdout?

Is there ever a scenario where filebeat would log the contents of the files it is harvesting to standard out? I am shipping log files to elasticsearch with sensitive information and anything that is written to stdout it will get captured in cloudwatch, which I can't have happen.

How are you running filebeat? As a service, running the executable directly, container...? There are configs to output to stdout, but if your not running in debug mode, I dont think you should have an issue.

I am running filebeat in a docker container on Amazon ECS. I am using the base image docker.elastic.co/beats/filebeat:7.8.0.

Here is my config:

  - type: log
    enabled: true
      - /usr/local/app/logs/django_out.log
    close_inactive: 15000m
    index: django_logs

  name: "my-logs-template"
  pattern: "my-logs-template-*"

setup.ilm.enabled: false

  api_key: ${API_KEY}
  hosts: ["${ELASTIC_HOST}"]

I don't see anything in ur config that would output sensitive info to stdout.

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