Will NEST 5.5 work with ES 6.0?

Didn't find better place for this question. Sorry if it's wrong.

I setup the ES 6.0 and when wanted to work with it via the NEST api found that there is only 6.0.0.alpha1 version released 7 month ago. I don't want to move back to the ES 5.5, so asking if I can use the NEST 5.5 with the ES 6.0 and if there any issues.


NEST 5.x is not compatible with Elasticsearch 6.x. We are working on getting a 6.x official release out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you're eager to start playing with it, we host CI canary prereleases on MyGet. As with all prereleases, we don't recommend or support them for production use.

Stay tuned for the official release soon!

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