Will packetbeat remain free?

(Kitex) #1

I was wondering if packetbeat will remail free?

(Tudor Golubenco) #2

Yes, for sure. Packetbeat remains open source.

(Monica Sarbu) #3

Yes. Moreover the license changed from GPL v2 to Apache.

(Ravi Shanker Reddy Kourla) #4

Hi Monica/Tudor,

I was using the ELK stack for some time for central logging.
And we are using some commercial monitoring tool for monitoring/alerting.
It seems the commercial tool is monolithic and not able to handle the load from 2000 servers.
Few days back I gone through your recorded webinar on PacketBeat and really got impressed.
I have some other ideas, can u please share ur mail id so we can discuss in detail.


(Tudor Golubenco) #5

Hi @ravitandur, thanks for the kind works. We would be happy to discuss, you can email me at tudor at elastic.co.

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