Windows elastic agent does not run

I have installed elastic fleet agent in windows machine. It works fine but to run it as a service at boot it gives error and do not launch. If i manually run it woks, the problem is the windows service.

At the moment of running it the error is the following:


and in the logs it says this :
2021-06-01T11:29:20.508+0200 ERROR cmd/watch.go:61 failed to load markeropen C:\Program Files\Elastic\Agent\data.update-marker: The system could not find the specific file

How can i make it work as a service, in linux the agent works perfectly

could you provide more information about your system and version of agent used. we see it running on our env so I need to figure out what's different.
version and build of windows would also help, also can you check binary is there?

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