Windows xp filebeat crash

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hi I try to install filebeats on windows xp, many servers some of them working fine,
some crash when start the service.
I got two types of error from different servers, appreciate any guide point me some direction to fix!
attach my logs

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Thanks for reporting. Which filebeat version are you using? Could you share your config file? Could you share the full log files? Please do not use screenshot for pasting logs. Paste it directly here or use a gist and link it.

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Thanks ruflin:
My filebeat is 1.3 version, I can not upload file extension except pictures, apologize for long screen thread.
I test the filebeat.yml on linux, it works fine, and one of my windows xp server works fine as well. so I think the configuration should be good to go.
but I really have no idea what this error log means, because I didn;t look into beats code before.

I upload my logs and config here:

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I strongly recommend to update to filebeat 5.0. Still 1.3 should not crash ... What is the exact version? 1.3.1? Could not find it in the logs. It could be that the panic is related to the logstash output. Which LS version and beats-input-plugin are you using?

Best is to update to 5.0 release and lets us know if you still see the same issue.

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