Winlogbeat 8.4 - Processors - Drop Event

Hi, i'm trying to drop an event from being sent to my elastic cluster.

On the Windows integration i have added a processor under the Windows Powershell channel and the Microsoft-Windows-Powershell/Operational channel.

The processor:

- drop_event:
        source: "powershell.exe -Executionpolicy Bypass -File C:\\Script\\somescript.ps1"
    fields: ["process.command_line"]

But the in the agent logs i get the following error:

Elastic Agent status changed to "error": "app filebeat--8.4.1-a53645b8: 1 error occurred:\n\t* 2 errors: Error creating runner from config: unexpected fields option in processors.2.drop_event;

I guess i have something wrong in my processor, can someone point me in the right directions? Thanks.

I managed to solve this with the following

          - drop_event.when.not.or:
              - equals.process.command_line: 'powershell.exe -Executionpolicy Bypass -File C:\Script\somescript.ps1'

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