Winlogbeat event_id

(Vam Pikmin) #1

Hi there,
Is there a way to include meaningful descriptions to each of the event_ids that are being ingested into logstash?

When I use the event_id to display top five for example I get the actual Event ID from Windows
4,634 4,648 4,768 4,625 4,740

I would like it to expand it to display something like
4740 account locked
4625 failed to logon
and so on


(Andrew Kroh) #2

You could use Logstash to add your own custom category to events. With the translate filter you can map event IDs to categories and add this a a new field, like category.

(Vam Pikmin) #3

Thanks for the suggestion Andrew, that does look like what I'm after

(system) #4

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