Winlogbeat loses some events from Microsoft-IIS-Logging/Logs

Hi all,

Issue: winlogbeat loses windows events from Microsoft-IIS-Logging/Logs

Scenario: I collect the logs of the IIS in Windows Events. Then I send them to the elasticsearch with winlogbetat. But for some reason, winlogbeat loses most of the events.
For example, IIS generates ~5000 events per 1 min, and ~1500 send to elasticsearch from them.
I checked the winlogbeat log file and searched for "error" and received no results.

Maybe winlogbeat can't handle a large stream of events?

winlogbeat conf:

      - name: Application
        level: Critical, Error, Warning
            - Team Build Service
            - Team Foundation Error Reporting
            - Team Web Access
            - TeamFoundationSshService
            - TFS Build
            - TFS Deployment Rig
            - TFS Lab Management
            - TFS Proxy Server
            - TFS Scheduler
            - TFS Services
            - TFS Sync Service
            - TFS Test Management
            - TFS Test Rig
            - TFS Version Control
            - TFS Warehouse
            - TFS WorkItem Tracking
      - name: Microsoft-IIS-Logging/Logs
        ignore_older: 72h

    #==================== Elasticsearch template setting ==========================

      index.number_of_shards: 5

    setup.dashboards.enabled: false

    #----------------------------- Logstash output --------------------------------
      # The Logstash hosts
        hosts: ["logstash_host:5044"]

      - add_host_metadata: ~
      - add_cloud_metadata: ~

Maybe there are some ideas why this could happen?

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