Winlogbeat can't send events to Elasticsearch

Hello. We have near 2300 EPS comming on each WEC Windows collector and near 350 EPS that winlogbeat ship to Logstash or Elasticsearch (i test both).
I try a lot of things on winlogbeat side, but nothing happen. Then i i change output from Elastic to local file.
And EPS increase from 350 to 4000 eps (and than to 2300). I also sure that problem is not in network connection.

So, now i am sure that problem is in Elasticsearch.
But when i check its log - i do not find nothing about dropping events. (journalctl -fu logstash or elasticsearch).

So, my question - how can i determine, that elasticsearch do not recieve events and my events drops?

Do anybody have any comments? Simple question- how to determine and monitor, that Elastic can't recive all events that winlogbeat sends?

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