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I am having the following issue Query Help search for $

I have loaded the default winlogbeat template (I'm using v5 Alpha 4 agents)

  "mappings": {
    "_default_": {
      "_all": {
        "enabled": true,
        "norms": {
          "enabled": false
      "dynamic_templates": [
          "template1": {
            "mapping": {
              "doc_values": true,
              "ignore_above": 1024,
              "index": "not_analyzed",
              "type": "{dynamic_type}"
            "match": "*"
      "properties": {
        "@timestamp": {
          "type": "date"
        "message": {
          "index": "analyzed",
          "type": "string"
  "settings": {
    "index.refresh_interval": "5s"
  "template": "winlogbeat-*"

Any ideas as to what the impact may be to this change ? Or any other work arounds ?


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Are you not using the index template provided with Winlogbeat? Why? By default the all of the event_data.* fields are not_analyzed strings.

This blog post might be of interest to you based on what you are querying: Monitoring Windows Logons with Winlogbeat

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As far as I know I am using the index template from winlogbeat, from winlogbeat.template.json (pretty sure this was done to cover another issue I had)

How can I confirm this ?


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To clarify I'm not loading the index it from the agents, I loaded it at the server side, from memory

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This will return the index template:

curl http://localhost:9200/_template/winlogbeat?pretty

This will return the mapping used for today's index. The data types should match whats in the index template.

curl http://localhost:9200/winlogbeat-2016.08.09/_mapping?pretty

You can paste the data to and share the link because it's probably too big to post directly on here.

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Ok. I was sure I had loaded that template, but it doesn't look like it was. I have now done so and I am getting better results

Will continue working through my issues.

Sorry for taking up your time


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