Winlogbeat proxy support


I 'm currently using latest version of winlogbeat 7.4.1 to send data to an ELK stack.

It works well when computer has a direct connection to internet but it doesn't with a proxy.

When i add proxy parameter in winlogbeat file configuration connection failed.

// output.elasticsearch:
// # Array of hosts to connect to.
// hosts: [""]
// proxy_url: 'proxy.lan.loc:3128'

On proxy logs i don't see any connection at all. Winlogbeat seems to ignore the parameter and continue to send data directly.

Is anyone having the same issue ?


Have you tried setting proxy_disable: true ?


I've tried with both value false and true same result.

Shouldn't the proxy url also be https ?

using http proxy url works like a charm with other software.
The issue is winlogbeat do not take into account proxy configuration when i make deeper troubleshooting i can see it sends its request directly and not through proxy.

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