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I have not still could connect filebeat to elasticsearch buy the error that is showed to me is that "the proxy needs autentification" so, Can anybody confirm to me that filebeat can not pass HTTP proxies? If it is not true How can I configure the proxy?
ELK is very dificult, My intention is only put to work a simple nodo to get logs from /var/log/ from server machines, that´s all.

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It is, but putting a proxy inbetween Filebeat and Elasticsearch isn't something that I have seen before. Why are you doing this?

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Hi Warkolm thnaks to reponse.
I am not making that, in my enterprise there is a proxy but all my installation is in local machine with virtualbox 7.0.4 and the only anwer to doen´t work is the proxy, can you help me? Can I use ELK with out Xpack? what is the old version of ELK that Xpack is not implemented in the installation? Sorry to ask so much but I don´t know and I have doubts...

Thanks again a lot mister.

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