Winlogbeat release

(Philip Kobezak) #1

I believe I read somewhere that Winlogbeat will be released with Beats version 1.1, is that correct? If so, what does the timeline look like for 1.1?

(Tudor Golubenco) #2

Yes, first release will come with 1.1, which is currently targeted for Jan 18th.

(Rene) #3

Well, the 18th of January has passed already, and I'm also very very curious when Winlogbeat will be released. Any new information about that?

(Phani Lanka) #4

Any update on the software package? Could you please let us know when is the release tentatively scheduled?

(Rene) #5

According to this thread (although it's about Filebeat), says it will be released Feb 2nd. (all beats will be released at the same moment)

(Rene) #6

And it's there!

(Andrew Kroh) #7