Winlogbeat sending sysmon data to kibana

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in the kibana dashboard, winlogbeat records the sysmon event and send it to elasticsearch and henceforth to kibana. there are 3 field name on time basis and i am not able to understand the difference between them namely event_data.PreviousCreationUtcTime, event_data.UtcTime and event_data.CreationUtcTime.

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The fields below event_data come from the raw Sysmon event and their meaning seems to depend on the event ID.

For these particular fields I've found:

It indicates that a file's creation time has been changed, being:

  • UtcTime: Time the change occurred
  • TargetFilename: Name of the file changed
  • PreviousCreationUtcTime: Previous file creation time.
  • CreationUtcTime: New file creation time.

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Hi Adrisr,

Can this data can be manipulated to find out the launch time of a application?

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For that you have Event ID 1: Process Creation

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By launch time i mean how much time it took to open an application and pop up on the screen.
can sysmon and winlogbeat record this kind of data?

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I'm no expert, but I don't think Sysmon has support for that, as it is rather application-specific.



i dont think sysmon can provide "latency" in relation to process creation etc. here i would go for another sysinternals tool called procmon

if you google promon latency you get some good pointers

again assuming i understand your problem correctly.

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Procmon is giving data regarding the process creation but the duration of process creation is 0.000000 which is not theoretically possible. Is relative duration a correct measure to find out the launching time of the application? if yes, can we create logs of this and send the data to kibana through winlogbeat.

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