Winlogbeat to same index as logstash

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Hi there,

I'm trying to get all my logs into 1 index - I have DNS logs currently going into logstash (lumberjack), now when I want to sen windows eventlogs, I'd like them to be index in the logstash-* index. I this possible, as far as I see using winlogbeat you need to create a new index called winlogbeat-*.

The use case is being able to interrogate all data (network/machine) created by sysmon, eventlogs, dns logs, proxy logs). Having a separate index for the wineventlogs makes the correlation impossible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

This is perhaps not in your best interest. Starting in version 6, Elasticsearch will only allow one document type per index. Separate indices are a better way to go for future compatibility.

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Hi AAron,

thanks for the heads up - but what's the points of log centralization if you then can'ts search centralized? or will there be mutliple-index search support?

And what exactly do you mean by "one document type"?


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Elasticsearch, and Kibana, can search across multiple indices out of the box.

Have a look at

(Luk Schoonaert) #5

when I perform a search I need to select the index I perform the search on, so I don't see how I can query multiple indexes simultaneously.

I.e. I have 2 indexes one for syslog and one for event logs - I search for IP and I want results from both indexes - how do I do that then?

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How are you searching?

(Luk Schoonaert) #7

Hi Mark,
I go to Discover, select the index and then search in the field above it. Maybe I'm missing something really obvious?

(Mark Walkom) #8

You need to have a common prefix in front of the index, eg commonword- so each index becomes commonword-winlogbeat- etc, and then you can setup an index pattern called commonword-* that will read them all.

That is a bit hard to backfill so it might be easier to setup an alias across things -

(Luk Schoonaert) #9

Ahhh thank you! I'll try that!
Many thanks for your help

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