Winlogbeat wont start as a Service

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I am after install Elastic search and Kibana for the main task of holding WEF logs from our Servers:

while trying to start winlog "service-start winlogbeat" I am getting the following Error:

However I am able to start it "winlogbeat.exe -c winlogbeat.yml -e -v -d "*""

by which i can see logs within Kibana

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When it fails to start as a service what's written to the winlogbeat log file?

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When i open Services

"Windows could not start the winlogbeat service on Local Computer"

Error2: the system cannot find the file specified

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Did you move the folder containing the winlogbeat.exe after running the install script?

In any case, open the properties of the service and check the command that it's running to verify the path points to winlogbeat.exe you are running manually.

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