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I'm tasked with deploying this in our organization and keeping it up to date. I'm having a difficult with the latter part of this as the winlogbeat.exe application doesn't have a version in its properties. How is anyone dealing with this minor inconvenience?

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I don't know what tooling you use, but I've used Ansible to manage some installs on Windows. As part of the playbook it inspects the binary's version by calling winlogbeat.exe version and reading the output.

There might be a way for the Beats release process to add some additional metadata to the Windows binaries. The project looks interesting:

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Calling the executable with the version command will spit out the version. Dump that to a file, and read the file with whatever you use. You can put this on a scheduled task as needed.
filebeat.exe version

in our case:
C:\Program Files\Beats\filebeat\filebeat.exe' version> "C:\ProgramData\Beats\version.filebeat.txt


I've tried version, wmic datafile get version, and filever. None of them return a version for winlogbeat.exe or they return an error because there is no file version encoded into the file itself.

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If you are running a command, it'd be helpful to see the full command as well as any output you are receiving.

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added empasis is mine.

Command is "winlogbeat version". For earlier versions, you might need to use "winlogbeat -version"

C:\Program Files\Beats\winlogbeat>winlogbeat version
winlogbeat version 6.4.1 (amd64), libbeat 6.4.1 [37b5f2d2a20f2734b2373a454b4b4cbb2627e841 built 2018-09-13 21:33:42 +0000 UTC]

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