WIth Search UI, How to change View of the Facet options

Hello again,

I would like to be able to change the text of the facet options.
Situation: Using a meta engine. Each engine making up the meta engine is using webcrawl (for now). I specified URL_Host in facets. What I get in the sidebar is expected, something like this:


I would like to be able to access these options and map the urls we are indexing to a name so that it looks more like this
X Organization
Some University
Our Docs

So I am thinking that I could override the Facet view, like this

I found an example of a custom facet view, I think.

Does anyone know of any documentation for a custom Facet view, or other examples?

Maybe there is a more straightforward way to accomplish this, perhaps at configuration, and if so, I'd love to understand that!
~ Thanks

There's no easy way to do this that I know of.

You'll need to create a custom facet view to do that.

It's been asked before but I unfortunately don't have any good examples to show.

MultiCheckboxFacet would indeed be an example: search-ui/MultiCheckboxFacet.tsx at master · elastic/search-ui · GitHub

You could likely copy/paste from that facet and amend it as needed to create your own custom view.

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If you come up with a good example please reshared, we'd love to be able to add it to our docs for future folks or at least have it be referencable here

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