Search UI: how can I tell <Facet> to return all the options , not a subset with -more- button

We have set up a meta engine to webcrawl 12 sites. We use the url-host as the filter for our meta-engine, with 12 possible url-host sources, so that upon search, the user will see the url-host sources for the search results in the facet list. I have made a customFacetView to pass into because we want to show a corresponding display name instead of the url-host. This works well. However, we do want to sort this list so that a particular bunch of websites show first in the list.

Note that when the total facet options returned are 5 or less, or the user has clicked -more-, this works well, because I can sort on all the options.
BUT if the options are more than 5, before the user clicks -more-, I only get back 5 at a time ordered by number of results, so I can't sort.

Is there a way to disable the -more- on this list? I can't see a way to do it. Or a better way for me to think about sorting this list. Thank you for any advice.

hey @tonyfam

You can increase the number of options shown before its hidden within the more view by using the show prop.

<Facet field="hosts" show={100} label="Hosts" />

Thank you so much! Worked perfectly for us.

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