WMS for China

I am looking for a Web Mapping Services for China, especially Beijing and Shanghai, that I can use for the tile mapping. Since the default map service is based on OSM, i cannot use this because of government restrictions. Also an important point is the issue of shifted coordinates. The geo points i have stored in ES are shifted due to national security reasons (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restrictions_on_geographic_data_in_China). This is not supported by OSM.

Have anyone of you experience with map services in china using Kibana?

I looked for similar services in Baidu Maps and Autonavi Maps (by Alibaba), but without any success.
Are there any possibilities to use the tile map in China?

Thank you in advance.

hi @tjust

I'm personally not familiar with any free mapping services with China data, so I won't be of much help.

Often times, governmental organizations host a WMS or TMS service. Perhaps this list would be a start? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_online_map_services#China

Hey @thomasneirynck thanks for your reply.

I checked this list on wikipedia, but wasn't successful to find any WMS compatibles services within these map providers.
Currently I am building a custom solution with Baidu Maps and do not use the Kibana build-in map feature.

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