Word Delimiter Filter

Hi there,

my question is about Word Delimiter Filter and if it can generate tokens
according to the requirements I have.

Suppose my original text is "one_twoThree_four". I want to be able to match
on "one", "two", "three", "four", and "twothree".

It seems to me that with Word Delimiter Filter I have a choice between
generating either the tokens "two" and "three", or "twothree" (with
generate_word_parts=false), but that I cannot get both of them. I thought
that catenate_words=true might solve my problem but it seems to have no
effect on tokens generated by split_on_case_change=true. Here are my

"my_worddelimiter_filter" : {
"type" : "word_delimiter",
"catenate_all" : false,
"catenate_numbers" : false,
"catenate_words" : true,
"generate_word_parts" : true,
"generate_number_parts" : true,
"preserve_original" : true,
"split_on_case_change" : true,
"split_on_numerics" : true,
"stem_english_possessive" : true

Can anyone help me out how to reach the desired behavior?


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