Wordpress and Elasticsearch


I have a small ES cluster (3 nodes).
I am playing around with the elasticpress plugin for Wordpress.

However, a fixed IP is used to connect to the ES cluster. (e.g. my first cluster node)
If the first cluster node is down, the plugin will no longer work.

What is the best way to get around this problem?

  • DNS round robin for the cluster nodes?
  • Varnish / HAproxy to load balance between cluster nodes, and check health ? (the haproxy/varnish will remain single point of failure)
  • Some sort of client transport on my webserver that will detect cluster nodes / health and connect accordingly? (does this exist?)
  • something else?

Many thanks,


Any of those are valid.

Right. Thanks for the answer.

Is there a preferred method? I mean, Varnish/haproxy in front of the nodes, would allow me do manage health as well, this would obviously not work with DNS round-robin.

It's really whatever your preference is.

I know that's a non-answer, but we don't have recommendations here, just that there are options :slight_smile:

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