Working EsIntegrationTest example


I really struggled to get a working EsIntegrationTest but finally did it, it would have been great to have that out of the box in ES, here's what I did (it should work with maven and gradle):

Hope that helps

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That’s very cool Joel.

I’m wondering if this kind of information should go somewhere in our documentation?
Like in the Java client documentation?

@nik9000 WDYT?

Hi David,

I would love to see it in a section of, so that anyone who wants to use the test framework can start with working code.

My examples are a bit basic (and it uses AssertJ too), it could enhanced to show more how to benefit from the randomized testing capabilities.

I would also suggest to improve the error reported at bootstarpping time, some of them were not so clear and it took me a bit of time to find some workaround. I'm happy to describe them in more details if that helps.


ps: J'ai failli te contacter directement David ! :wink:

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