Working hours filtering for dashboard


I need to create a dashboard (table) with avaiability of an ICMP Ping (collected over heartbeat), but this needs to be filtered by a specific time range: 8am ~ 6pm.

How i can do this? Does have a way on TSVB?

Hi @Carlos_Samuel for configuring the time range for TSVB, you can edit your visualization with the desired time range and then save it. This FAQ section in the Kibana docs seems to cover something similar to the question you're asking.

How do I create dashboard drilldowns for Top N and Table visualizations?
You can create dashboard drilldowns that include the specified time range for Top N and Table visualizations.

But will this work for my use case?

I need to have an availability percentage of ICMP pings for several days, but filtered by business hours.

I was analyzing here and I didn't see how to put this in my use case.

Hi @Carlos_Samuel Welcome to the community!

I think the another way to do that is create a runtime field with the hour of the day as a number and filter on that... Of course you'll have to take time zone into that.

But that would work I think

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