Working with List Fields in Kibana

Hi all,

I'm having difficulty in adding list fields in my project.

The fields are already defined & cannot be changed.
For ex:

Groups:  QA, audit, domain, company, admin, ip

These are values given for a field in a single entry.

I'm getting all values when i work with data table.
But get a different count when i work with filters in charts.
i.e groups:*
I get number of entries in groups, but there may be many values within a single entry.

Hi @Sandeep_Raju ,

Since 7.6 release we have a limited support of nested field:

  • Index Patterns will detect Nested Fields correctly
  • You will be able to watch Nested Fields in Discover
  • Filtering on Nested Fields via the filter bar works

However it is not working yet in Visualize, so that's why you are confused. We don't have a timeline for it to be ready, so you can subscribe for an issue and know first when it is closed.

Best, Dima

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