Would Coordinating nodes help with Kibana querying times

I have some Kibana Dashboards, while they aren't necessarily used all the time, do require some very heavy queries (Each timelion dashboard with a heavy query X the number of visualizations on the dashbards)..... Right now, I have master only nodes and data only nodes. The data only nodes are fronted by an AWS ELB and Kibana points to that ELB.

Would standing up Coordinating nodes and have Kibana point to coordinating nodes be a good idea in terms of offloading some of the aggregations compute from the data nodes? I could not find much documentation in regards to how much work is done on the searching/pulling data vs the aggregation part... just wondering whether that will help.

Look at your data nodes and track CPU usage as well as disk I/O and iowait. That will give you an idea what might belimiting performance. If it is disk related, which is likely, I do not think dedicated coordinating only nodes will help much.

I have tried using (master+data) setup where queries are directed to data nodes and a (master+data+coord) setup where queries are directed at coord nodes. The latter performs better.

Of course if the bottleneck of the pipeline is somewhere else, as @Christian_Dahlqvist suggests, fix that first.

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