Would ES reindex API ignore all updates post reindex is triggered

I read that ES' reindex API works by taking a snapshot of the source index.
So let's say i triggered reindexing at T0 and this finished at T2.
So if say any create/update/delete came for any document at T1 (T0 < T1 < T2), will it be missed?
We are using ES 6.0

Yes, only the documents present at the time the reindexing job was started will be processed. If documents are updated while the job is running you may get version conflicts which could result in failure.

Elasticsearch 6.0 is a very old version and you should really look to upgrade, at least to Elasticsearch 6.8.

I didn't get the version conflict part.
My target index would initially be empty, so how do we get version conflict?

Elasticsearch may indeed not be able to detect that underlying documents have changed so maybe there won't be any conflicts.

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