Writing to an ece run elastic from elastic-spark connector fails

(rajesh kumar kalluri) #1

I have about 600M rows or 200GB of data being written from Hive to elastic via elastic-spark connectors.

Things start out fine and slow down progressively and around mid point I get the following exception on the spark client side.

Caused by: org.elasticsearch.hadoop.rest.EsHadoopNoNodesLeftException: Connection error (check network and/or pr
oxy settings)- all nodes failed; tried tried [[http://77eba63e96b349a88b3ce7560af43d4a.]]

My elastic cluster is a 4 node cluster with 8 GB RAM each.

I have not setup load balancer in front of the proxy, but specified all the proxies via the es.nodes=, http: etc

Any tips on how to troubleshoot?

(Yuri Tceretian) #2

I would suggest you to check cluster's metrics and logs. Logs and metrics are shipped to cluster logging-and-metrics. On the cluster details page you can find links that navigate to Kibana assigned to the logging cluster with pre-defined filters.

(rajesh kumar kalluri) #3

The cluster working fine after wards, what are we looking for in the metrics cluster anything specific.

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