Wrong doc_count values for all buckets when using the 'missing' parameter in terms aggr!

(Nir Reuveny) #1

We're trying to use the new 'missing' param in terms aggr in both ES 2.1 and 2.11 clusters and the doc_count values returned (not just for the 'missing' documents) are different compared to the same aggr without the missing param!

I would expect all the buckets to be the same doc_count values and just an additional bucket with the doc_count of those documents without this field... I can't explain why adding this missing param is returning different values for the rest of the buckets...

Any ideas? Seems like a serious bug...

(I tried to create a test index with just 5 documents and it seems to work ok there... but we have the problem with bigger indexes even an index with 3,000 docs)

"size": 0,
"aggs": {
"2": {
"terms": {
"field": "fieldname",
"size": 100,
"missing": "Test"

(Colin Goodheart-Smithe) #2

I think you are seeing one of the bugs that this PR fixes: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/pull/15746

For now you should be able to work around this by adding "execution_mode": "global_ordinals" to your terms aggregation,

Let me know if that workaround fixes your issue.

(Nir Reuveny) #3


Just tried this and it gave me an error...

    "type": "search_parse_exception",
    "reason": "Unknown key for a VALUE_STRING in [2]: [execution_mode]."

(Colin Goodheart-Smithe) #4

Sorry I got the wrong name for the setting, it should be "execution_hint": "global_ordinals". see here for more details on this setting

(Nir Reuveny) #5

Thanks! that seems to work now...

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